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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a passger j hijaed inegypt. thesare le breaking news. a passenger jet hijacks in egypt. look live at pictures of that jet as it sits on the tarmac with the hijackers still inside along with some of the crew and some passengers. plus, a 21 st. century digital privacy rights battle put on hold after the feds are successful to use a third hch party company to hack into a terrorist iphone. a man wanted for a vicious beating. "today in the bay" starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll get to the breaking news from egypt with all the latest developments. first, a quick check of the weather. unlike yesterday, kari, the camera is not shaking around. >> not as windy today, sam and
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kris. we are starting out with cool temperatures and mostly clear skies. into the day, it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday and no worries about any spotty showers either. now 50 degrees in the east bay and 38 degrees in the north bay. one of the coolest mornings we had in quite a while there and high of 66 degrees in the north bay and 62 in san francisco and 64 in the peninsula and the south bay. we'll take a look at all the microclimates and the rest of the workweek coming up. let's head to the golden gate bridge now with anthony. >> good morning. i want to start it off here. this is what we're looking at. we are talking about the wind. just wanted to show you that quick. from the north bay. no worries about that. switch over to the maps and lots of green even into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza. golden state warriors taking on the washington wizards around 7:30. keep that in mind on 880 this evening. nothing there this morning and same deal across the south bay and the peninsula. and looking wide open. pretty good this morning, guys.
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back to you. now back to the breaking news in egypt. air flight has been hijacked by a single passenger claiming to have an exclusive belt. you're looking a live picture right now from the tarmac at a plane is sitting there in cypress. now, the situation has been going on since before 11:00 p.m. our time. all passengers except for four foreigners and three crew members have been released. that plane was traveling from alexandria to cairo when the hijacker diverted it. authorities saying the hijacking is over a personal matter and is not terror related. a live update coming up at 5:00. an unexpected twist between apple and the justice department over a terrorist's iphone. the fbi reportedly hacked into that phone without apple's help. prosecutors dropped their order demanding that apple unlock that
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crypted phone. the fbi is now saying that a third part assisted in that data. some believe this case is resolved, but the larger issues involving dimgtle privacy rights and national security do remain. also, some wonder how this outcome affects what is considered to be apple's air tight security. alameda county sheriffs could be slap would a lawsuit and it has to do with this arrest back in november. the suspect claims that a deputy stole his jewelry and then used it to bribe witnesses. "today in the bay" bob redell joining us from san leandro. a story that has taken multiple turns so far. >> it has, sam. good morning. the alameda county sheriff's office announced it put a third deputy on paid leave from stealing the necklace whose beating was caught on camera. this video shows two alameda
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county sheriff deputies chased the suspect, 29-year-old into a san francisco alleyway and then repeatedly hit him. the sheriff office is investigating allegations that a third deputy took a necklace and used it to bribe witnesses not to report the beating. the neck necklace is seen in photographs but it has since disappeared. >> if those allegations are true, then the deputy or deputies that took items from him and gave them away are no better than the criminals they arrested. >> after months of saying no deputies activated their body cameras, the sheriff office says one of the deputies in the video may have accidentally done so. petrof stole a car here in alameda county and led deputies on a high-pede chase before of being tracked down in that
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alleyway. announce a civil lawsuit against the two deputies who beat his client. greg ahern is expected to address the media at a news conference later this afternoon. >> thank you very much, bob. 4:35 right now. also happening today, the rape case against a former stanford swimmer goes to the jury. closing arguments are expected to wrap up today. turner is accused of raping a woman on campus back in january and witnesses claim that they saw turner on top of that woman who was unconscious. turner is looking at ten years in prison, if he is convicted. all new this morning, an authority showing off a haul of gun and ammunition that they say was seized last week during the search of a home in eastern contra costa county. look at all the guns spread on the terrible there. sheriff deputies found more than a dozen firearms including eight assault rifles. they were executing a search warrant in unincorporated bay
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point. they also seized about 1,400 rounds of ammunition. both are in custody facing various felony charges. 4:36 right now. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. when that wind kicked up yesterday afternoon, which you told us about. i felt like dorothy in the "wizard of oz." >> very chilly out there. not going to get swept away today, kris and into the afternoon the winds start to calm down a little bit. very chilly. look at the temperatures in the north bay. 37 degrees in napa and 49 degrees in san francisco. bundle up as you head out. we'll be taking off some of those layers today as we warm up to 64 degrees in san jose and palo alto. in the castro 51 degrees and feeling a little bit better and couple degrees warmer and that trend will continue as we go through the week. the rest of the warmer temperatures in the forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. let's see what's happening on  the roadways now with anthony. >> i tell you, early this
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morning and not much happening. if i had more time to talk, i would take it. but, you know what, it's early. i'll spare you. look at the map. you can see, we don't have much happening. a little accident over near fairfield going out towards the eastbound direction over towards highway 12 and not really affecting traffic. same deal across the rest of the tri-valley and east bay looking pritgy. across the south bay, same thing. traffic moving without a problem. back on over to you guys. >> now you just jinxed yourself. >> i thought he was going to do a five-second traffic report for a second. coming up next, new a accusations against the sheriff claims that laurie smith tried to influence the commission investigating her jail. the hunt is on for this man accused of attacking a couple in san francisco triangle leaving the wife with a traumatic brain injury.
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quite a messy scene there. take a look at this fiery crash involving a bus and several cars in south l.a. two cars collided and then slammed into a metro bus. one of those cars caught fire and the flames quickly spread to the bus. several people including two lapd officers jumped into action and got people out of those cars. only the driver was on the bus. several others were injured and some witnesses say the cars
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involved were street racing leading to the crash. the move now to santa clara county where there are new accusations of misconduct against sheriff laurie smith. >> this comes days after the blue ribbon commission looking into jail operations and changes recommend a change of leadership. the deputy sheriff association of santa clara county claim that sheriff smith tried to influence the commission's leader that retired the judge during a private meeting on march 3rd. george coredell has confirmed that the sheriff called for the meeting with her in palo alto and the possible re-election was brought up. she remains focused on keeping santa clara county safe. while san francisco police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a violent attack on a couple. dean ayers and his wife, mary, were attacked on sanchez street about a month ago. there is a sketch of the
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suspect. ayers says that this man threatened to rape his wife and then started punching them. >> hit my wife in the face and hit the ground and the back of her head slam against the concrete. >> reporter: mary ayers suffered a traumatic brain injury and dean suffered a broken leg and they have many months of recovery ahead. friend set up a go fund me account and police are still looking for the suspect and held this community safety meeting last night. >> good news. better news to catch the guy. >> hopefully they do. coming up next, opening day is coming up. >> the giants warm up at spring training in arizona. take you inside at&t park to see what's new for fans this year.
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happening today. real baseball inches closer to at&t park. which you can see live here. it is dark right now, but the lights will be on later. today team leaders will preview what is to come for the upcoming season. all part of annual giants media day and right now players are still in arizona for spring training. we need them to be there, right? they return on thursday for the first of two exhibition games at at&t against the oakland a's. the teams then play in oakland on saturday. >> baseball, hot dogs, cool
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breeze and a scene. >> cool breeze or a cool beer? >> cool beer for sure. maybe some garlic fries. right now it's just cool outside, kari. >> yeah, we'll have a beautiful day for the baseball park and whatever you have going on today. won't be as windy and will have a cool start. it's now 44 degrees in concord and 38 degrees in livermore. oakland at 50 degrees and let's check out that wind forecast because yesterday we had those gusts up to 30, 40 miles per hour plus in some spots. and today it comes in at 1 qu:0t 10 miles per hour. more of a calm wind throughout the day and a lot of sunshine. taking a look at san francisco. from the morning into the afternoon, we start out with some 50s and then see those highs making it right up to about 60 degrees at 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. and a look at all the microclimates today. 62 degrees in los gatos and the
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castro 66 degrees and brentwood. into the weekend, we're looking ahead. even though it's only tuesday. why not? we will have some highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s. beautiful weekend ahead. a lot more sunshine. our weather does stay dry, but then as we look ahead to next week, a quick look at the futurecast shows that by sunday we'll start to see a few here clouds increasing and then on monday we'll have a slight chance of rain, but as of now, these weather systems kind of calming down and hopefully we'll get some more rain in here as we go into next week. that's a look at the forecast. let's head over to traffic now with anthony. >> we were talking about that game this evening. the golden state warriors. they have a game at 7:30. so, this is light and smooth and no problems. but just keep in mind this ing some extra company with you on 880. switching over to the maps, you'll notice lots of green and things not that active. a new accident just before the san mateo bridge on 880 south
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where laura just showed you. really the rest of the east bay just showed you. the south bay, again, lots of green there, again. no concerns across the bay right now. guys back to you. we'll watch out for that. watch out for apple pay. facebook now getting in the game. >> for that and the rest of the news we turn to landon dowdy. happy tuesday, landon. >> hey, there, sam and kris. happy tuesday to you, as well. futures are lower this morning and the markets ending mostly flat on the lightest trading volume day of the year. look for data on home prices and consumer confidence and also fed chair janet yellin speaks about the economy this afternoon. the dow raising 19 points and the nasdaq slipping six points to 4766. uber drivers are the only on-demand drivers taking up the u.s. economy. older workers, especially women, are increasingly filling in as
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contractors and a wide-range from highway inspectors. since 2005, those types of workers have climbed by more than half, rising tanearly 16% of the workforce as companies look to shed nonforecasts. also, facebook lets you send cash to friend through its messenger app but they lost their ambitions and working on a way to let you use messenger to pay for items in stores which would put it in direct competition with apple sppay an others. we'll turn now to breaking news from the middle east. an hours long standoff involving a hijacker who diverted a plane that was leaving from alexa alexandria, egypt, intended for cairo is now over. that plane was sitting on the tarmac for hours. seven hostages remaining on that plane. three passengers, four crew
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members and a man claiming to have an explosive belt that was negotiating with authorities there in cypress. we just learned that hostage situation is over. no reports of injuries at this point to report to you. a live update in ten minutes. and now it's to decision 2016. the three republican presidential candidates still standing will face off in a town hall in wisconsin tonight. >> that is where 42 delegates are at stake making that state's primary next week crucial. tonight's town hall in milwaukee where donald trump and ted cruz are neck and neck in the polls. john kasich is trailing well behind them. voters are going to get a chance to ask the candidates questions directly tonight. a major announcement from senator marco rubio. >> this is interesting. he is taking himself off our ballot. not entirely unexpected since he did pull out of the presidential race earlier this month but he s not issued a statement after
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asking his name be removed. we talked with analysts and they say it is likely he wanted to make sure he didn't siphon any votes away from ted cruz or john kasich. many people in the republican base are trying to prevent donald trump from winning any more delegates if he can't clinch. donald trump can't clinch it before june or at the california primary, then it goes on to that convention. >> to cleveland. that would be interesting. coming up next, owls causing some problems in the east bay. how they are slowing down construction of a school. also happening right now, as we just told you a tense standoff overseas in cypress that is just now over. a man who hijacked an egyptair plane has been detained. authorities have already stated this is not a case of terrorism. we have a live report at the top of the hour. you can link to more on our facebook page. stanford has a new men's basketball coach. the school introduced jarrett yesterday to replace johnny
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dawkins. his plans to turn the cardinals around. we'll be back in two minutes. welcomback.
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on t peniula a the st ofthe bay 2shotad l tosso wx welcome back. meteorologist kari hall told us the temperatures would dip, but my heater was cranking this morning, kari. >> one of those mornings. you need to turn the heater up on full blast and make sure the kids have a nice, warm coat before they head out. tomorrow will feel much more comfortable as we go into the next few days. we go from below average to above average and this weekend is looking really nice right at
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about 70 degrees on saturday with more sunshine on the way. another look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to the tri-valley with anthony. >> 70s for the weekend. i'm so happy now. thank you, kari hall. thank you. it's traffic tuesday, mind you. which means you know what that means, it gets a little dicy here and there. right now looking pretty good. 580 through dublin and want to show you what is happening on the maps because we're starting to see that build coming through the altamont pass just east of livermore. head over towards dublin and no problems, but keep in mind as i mentioned, it is a traffic tuesday, so you know what happens and you start to see the accidents pile up. nothing as far as anything bad is concerned across the rest of the east bay. same deal across the peninsula and the south bay. wide-open lanes and lots of green on the map. let's keep it that way. back over to you, sam and kris. a private ferry service is trying to go public and hopefully make the commute for
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bay area employees easier. the private service is called prop sf and it has been running for about six months now. similar to google bus, tech companies pay for employees to get back and forth to work. if this is approved by the state, the public then could use the ferries, too. >> walk on a ferry and get to my office which is right on the water on redwood city it would right now.fe easier than it is >> a decision is expected in the next few months. the company hopes to have the service up and running by this summer. a million dollar delay and caused in part by owls. one of a few hurdles of a construction of a martinez school that they're facing right now. took a while to find a suitable place to build. the independent study school. the school district finally settled this location at this location, i should say. first construction was delayed over contaminated soil and now
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owls. you can see one of the owls in this photo or you could have if you looked hard enough, one of them is actually pregnant. >> i thought we would be able to actually construct the school and move mid-year this year and now it's delayed. it's not going to happen this year. >> nearly 100-year-old federal law that requires the owls to have babies before the nest can be removed is the issue here. all the delay is costing is the school district about $1 million. well, first responders who sprang into action when a train derailed are going to be honored today for their efforts. >> a mud slide forced an ace commuter train off the traction during the middle of heavy rains. might remember these images of one car submerged in the water and amazingly nobody died in this crash. passengers had to trudge two miles to get to the waiting area and alameda county supervisors will recognize to get passengers
4:58 am
the safety they said that they were surprised that they didn't find anybody that didn't survive. >> they called it a miracle. coming up, the latest on that egyptair hijacking situation which is now over. as we look live at pictures. after about six hours of standoff. crew members and some passengers taken off the plane, at least one person flying through the cockpaul cockpit window.
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a neighborhood on edge following a brutal attack in a san francisco neighborhood. we hear from one of the victims as the hunt to find the suspect continues. new legal trouble for alameda county sheriff office over the videotape beating of a car thief suspect. i'm bob redell. breaking overnight, a plane hijacking finally over with the suspect arrested. it happened in the last 20 or 30 minutes. we are tracking developments overseas. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. one of our viewers tweeted us saying we like the color pallet and kari hall would have us adding a sweater.


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